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Formwork Shutter Oil

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Safety Netting / Barrier Netting
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Concrete Release Agent 455


Very well suited as concrete release agent ( Formwork/Concrete Shutter Oil) on the building site as well as to stop the sticking of concrete on Mixers, Concrete Lorries and Steel Building Material.

RELEASE AGENT 455 has to be applied economically and evenly on to dry and clean shutters or moulds with a sprayer (Diameter of nozzle 0,6 to 0,8mm) or to be put on with a brush.

Universal Concrete Release Agent with physical and chemical release characteristics. That successful product makes it possible to have clean, smooth, patch and pore free concrete surfaces. Very good corrosion protection and excellent surface wetting characteristics.

Concrete Release Agent BIO 855


CONCRETE RELEASE AGENT BIO 855 is a chemically - physical working release agent. It helps to clean, smoothen and produce stain-less concrete surfaces.

Through synergistic working additives the wooden shutters are protected from rotting and the metal shutters as well as the concrete mixing apparatus are protected from corrosion.




FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 400 , has the following good properties:

The special factors, here above, are a must for any quality shutter mould release oil. Not only will it to save you time and money, but ensure a quality finish.

FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 400 , exceeds the above demands, it is made with special additives, which react with the fresh concrete and leaves behind a thin protective film. This is also true with shutters made from Sheetmetal, Steel and Wood.

The economic consumption of FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 400, results in the reduction of cleaning and maintenance work (no sticking of the material to the shutters.)

FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 400 , can be applied with a any brush or spray pump or gun.

1Kg of FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 400 covers 30-40 m² of Woodshuttering or about 60-70 m² of Steel shuttering.



FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 587 , is a concrete release oil for Metal, PVC and Wood shutters. Apply a thin layer, evenly with a spray gun. Surface must be clean and dry. Special caution must be taken when used on fresh or unused Wood shutters. The fresh or new wood shutters should be kept wet with water for 1 or 2 days, or after the first coat of FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 587 is applied, a coat of cement lime should be applied and left to dry, after which it must be brushed off. The cement or concrete may penetrate the pores of painted wooden shutters, if the paint is not applied properly.

FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 587 , helps you to achieve a clean, smooth and stain free-concrete surface.

FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 587 , may also be used on a building site for the fabrication of concrete elements. FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 587, protects against corrosion of Metal shutters.

FORMWORK SHUTTER OIL 587 , is very economical to use, and it always results in a top quality finish.
Formwork and Scaffolding Accessories
We supply formwork and scaffolding accessories, to the Formwork and scaffolding industries, such as:
1.   Base Jack Nuts for Scaffolding
2.   Base Jacks for Scaffolding
3.   Ferrule dollies for light Formwork
4.   Ferrule Jacks for Light Formwork
5.   Swivel Couplers for Scaffolding
6.   Fixed Couplers for Scaffolding
7.   T Bolts for Scaffolding Couplers
8.   Tie Rods for Formwork
9.   Corner Fillets with lip for Formwork economy panels
10. Chamfer with lip for Formwork economy panels
11. Plain Chamfer for Formwork economy panels
12. Water Stoppers for Formwork
13. Shutterstrip or Shutter Seal
14. Shutter Sealing Foam
15. Shutter Buttons & Plugs
16. Shutter Oil
17. Shutter Tape

Rebar Processing Equipment and Rebar Accessories
We also supply a wide range of rebar processing equipment and accessories, to the rebar processing and rebar placement industries, such as these Rebar Cutters:
1.   DC-16LZ Rebar Cutter - 220V
2.   DC-16W Rebar Cutter - 220V
3.   DC-20HL Rebar Cutter - 220V
4.   DC-20W Rebar Cutter - 220V
5.   DC-20WH Rebar Cutter - 220V
6.   DC-25X Rebar Cutter - 220V
7.   DC-25W Rebar Cutter - 220V
8.   DC-32WH Rebar Cutter - 220V
9.   M26 Rebar Cutter - 380V
10. M36 Rebar Cutter - 380V
11. M45 Rebar Cutter - 380V
12. MG20H Rebar Cutter - 220V

and these Rebar Benders:
1.   DBD-16L Rebar Bender - 220V
2.   DBD-25H Rebar Bender - 220V
3.   DBD-32X Rebar Bender - 220V
4.   B26 Rebar Bender - 380V
5.   B36 Rebar Bender - 380V
6.   B45 Rebar Bender - 380V
7.   MG20B Rebar Bender - 220V

and Combination Rebar Cutters and Benders:
1.   Manual Rebar Cutter Bender
2.   Mobile Rebar Cutter Bender - Powered by own generator.
3.   DBC-16H Rebar Cutter Bender - 220V
4.   DBC-25X Rebar Cutter Bender - 220V
5.   MG20HB Rebar Cutter Bender - 220V
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